Futures Imagining Writing Games and Technologies

A growing list:

Take the futures personality test and consider your archetype. Do you identify with the narrative? Do you reject it? You are invited to rewrite your own archetype. Consider different perspectives upon futurity and how they might influence your creative writing.

A tarot card prompt for generating futures stories ideas and playing with different other-than-human perspectives

“This research tool is primarily for researchers, educators, and students interested in making use of Futures Consciousness in their work or studies.

On this site, you can gain access to an easy-to-manage survey tool to run your own tests and attractive profile reports for your test participants.

By using this tool, you will be taking part in the creation of a global database of responses to the FC Test. Over time such data can provide interesting avenues for research and hence further our understanding of futures consciousness.”

Copy and paste your story into the text box, and discover different ways or reading and writing. your own ideas.