Rewriting the future - an archetype game

    How much impact do you have on the future?

    You mourn the past and all the wonderful things that will no longer be in the future. You are nostalgic; you love old shows and music and fill your home with antiques. Your sadness is both a balm and an ethical commitment. You have been tasked with witnessing and mourning the ongoing end of the beautiful dream that was humanity.
    You have a positive attitude and a joyous sense that the world will turn out alright in the end and that human beings will figure it out. You are certain that things are improving at a slow but steady rate. Optimism is optimal. As long as we stay positive and cheerful, you believe everything will turn out alright in the end. Your cheerfulness is an ethical commitment and you lead by example.
    You have a humorous outlook upon the future and aren’t worried too much about it. As long as things are interesting, you’ll be happy. When the story gets a little too serious or boring, you have an influential bag of techno-tricks to add a some fun and surprise to the way things unfold. You are flexible, adaptable, and easily dance to the rhythms of a technologically saturated universe.
    You are watching the story unfold with a sense of bemused detachment. What will be will be. There may be a reason to the madness; there may be no reason at all. You are content to live out your life that is but one thread woven into the finite tapestry of reality.
    You are looking to make change in the world by telling the story in a new way. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure and you are interested in discovering and creating treasure. Through re-patterning the world and seeking out new narratives, you pave the way towards different outcomes. You are innovative and energized while also being realistic and aware of the constraints of history. Whatever happens, you will be creatively involved.
    You seek to have an impact upon the world and will do whatever it takes to ignite the fuse for a better tomorrow. You believe things are going to be alright, you just might need to get your hands dirty. You were born for the difficult job at hand. You are productive and determined; your vision of the future contains your own distinct thumbprint.
    Now scroll down to play the tarot card game. Click on the cards to draw your a future scenario. Unlike tarot, you are welcome to keep drawing cards until you find a scenario that invigorates your imagination. Remember, these tools are designed to get you questioning your own orientation towards the future. Changing your answers and the way you approach the future will produce different outcomes. Does the character sketch above resonate with how you feel about the future? How would you characterize your future archetype? Are your feelings fixed or do they fluctuate the more you look at them?
    Once you have drawn your cards, proceed with the writing final activity. There is a playground space for composing below. Once you have something you are happy with, copy and paste it in the box below.



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